Sunday, September 30, 2007

Pooh and Tigz

So Halloween is just around the corner and some of you might remember that it is my most favorite holiday. It is also when this blog was first created. It will be my blog's first year anniversary! This very special day will also mark Pooh's and my 6th year anniversary! I'm very excited :)

What do you think Pooh and I should do to celebrate?


Hung Over



Monday, September 24, 2007

Shopping Pt. 2

I mentioned earlier today that Pooh and I randomly decided to go to Los Angeles to do some shopping.

We accidentally splurged a bit =X

Originally, I really just wanted to get some new shoes...but we ended up with 4 Jackets, a V-neck sweater, a couple t-shirts, a couple pairs of pants, and some nice shirts for work (of course, no shoes). We walked up n down Melrose and then headed to Beverly Center afterwards. We wanted to go to Alpha: Gear for Gents but it was closed :(

Although I didn't find any shoes and Alpha was closed, we still had a great time! It was a great day for shopping! I love having Mondays off because I can go shopping without having to deal with huge crowds and long register lines. I also find that stores are much more tidy and clothes are neatly organised on Mondays since they aren't that busy.

One of my favorite things was an Artful Dodger Jacket that Pooh got when we were shopping on Melrose. It was the LAST ONE! We got it at Workmens.

Of course, we also did some shopping at the wonderful H&M. I LOVE THAT PLACE! All the clothes we got at H&M totalled to less than Pooh's Artful Dodger jacket. LOL. They're opening one here in San Diego. I can't wait!

After a long day of walking and shopping, Pooh and I headed back to San Diego. I drove up so it was Pooh's turn to drive. I fell asleep on the way =X But now I can't sleep...


Tigguhh Behaving Badly...VERY badly.

These images have been removed. Unfortunately, they were naughty...a little too naughty. I thought I'd take them down. Perhaps one day they'll resurface. But for now, they'll remain embedded in the memory of readers that were able to view the post originally...oh and also in the hard drive of those guys that decided to save them to their computer. :P



Pooh and i randomly decided to drive up to Los Angeles and go shopping today. Fun! We'll be driving back home tonight :)


Sunday, September 23, 2007

Friday, September 21, 2007


Ugh. I can't believe my company expected us to go out to Vegas, party like crazy every night, and then have us to get to work right after landing. I'm pretty tired from the trip. I got homesick the last day and was missing Pooh so much! I just have to work tomorrow and I'll finally have a day off after working 2 weeks straight. I'll definitely have more time to post details of my trip but for now, I'm taking some time to recover. I'm tired. I have no idea how Lindsay Lohen and Britney do it. Partying like crazy every night...and waking up the next day to well they just party again but I have work. :) Pooh and I just bought MySims for our Wii so we're gonna play for a bit and I'm gonna pass out afterwards. I missed you all and I thoroughly enjoyed reading all of the wonderful comments that were posted since I left. Like with my trip to SF, I have plenty of pics (tigguhh took some too!). Keep your eyes open for them this weekend!


Thursday, September 20, 2007

I'm back!

And of course... I have to go straight to work immediately after landing. I'll blog about it soon! This is a phone post


Sunday, September 16, 2007

"I'll Miss You" Dinner

Pooh and I wanted to have a special night together before I leave today for my business trip. Pooh and I are always together and never spend much time apart.

This will be the LONGEST we'll ever be away from eachother and I am going to miss him soooo much! (I love you Pooh!)

Pooh and I had an "I'll Miss You Dinner" at Kemo Sabe in Hillcrest. It was a beautiful dinner and by far one of the best dinners we've had in so long! The food was amazing! Our server was quite the hottie as well :)

I had the Skirts on Fire...OMG Delicious!!!

Pooh had a new entree but I forget the name of it...but it was a BBQ Chicken. It was soooooo good!

We had a great night. I'll definitely miss pooh while I'm gone. Keep your eyes open for my phone posts!


Saturday, September 15, 2007

Business Trip

I apologize for my lack of posts this week. I've been swamped with lots to do because I'll be leaving tomorrow for a week on a business trip. I don't like being behind in my work so I had much to do before I departed.

Where am I going? Well, where else would be perfect to mix business with pleasure than the fabulous city of sin!

Las Vegas!!!

I'm very excited because it will be my first time going to Las Vegas over the age of 21. I've been there once but I was there just to dance (for those of you that don't know I was a dancer - no, there were no thongs and poles involved) and I wasn't "of age" and didn't really get to enjoy all that the city had to offer.

This time, I'll have a whole week to soak in all the excitement! What's really great, is that ALL EXPENSES and ACCOMODATIONS ARE PAID! Wuhoo! Free boose!!!

Unfortunately, Pooh can't come along :( He's our company's director of advertising/graphic designer and our marketing department is not joining us on our trip. Only a select few of us in my department were selected to attend.

I'm pretty nervous about the flight. I've never been on a plane before so my anxiety is starting to act up. My co-workers said they'll be getting me drunk before we get on the plane so I guess it'll be ok. Anyway, I don't want to think about it much. Moving on...

I'll be staying at the beautiful Bellagio hotel. They sent us an itinerary of things we'll be doing and it all sounds very fun :)

I'll try my best to post from my phone. And of course, I'll post all the details when I return.


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Morning Wood :)

I've been been debating whether or not to blog this but I figured...fuck it!

After a night of drinking and crazy partying out with our friends, Pooh and I went to sleep. I often like to strip down in the buff whenever I get intoxicated. It was hot, so Pooh slept in his undies. Pooh and I snuggled and passed out :)

The next morning, I awoke with an extremely massive erection (haha...I always thought it was funny when I'd read "massive" as an adjective describing male genitalia). It felt nice to wake up with Pooh wrapped in my arms. I love the feeling of his back pressed against my chest; the way our skin would softly rub against eachother. I was pleasantly surprised when I reached down and discovered that he too was having a "good morning". I thought I'd help him release some tension and stroke it for him a bit.

Before we knew thing led to another...
(of course, my camera phone happened to be charging at my bedside)

UPDATE 10/26/07 - some reason the images were not visible because I had re-organized my images in my Flickr and so my image locations were not accurate. They are available for view now.

I know I left very little to the imagination...but I really like the images and thought it'd be a shame not to share =X

And yes, I know. Pooh is hot :)

There's nothing more than a good hard pounding to get a guy up and ready for a long day's work!


Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Vacation Recap Pt. 3 - Shopping

The thing I was looking forward to the most when it came to going to San Francisco was going shopping! I was sooo excited!

We went to Union Square several times throughout the week to do some shopping.

Of course, we checked out the mall...

Their food court is huge!!!

We did some shopping in the city and got a couple things here n there :)

I picked up some martini glasses...I thought they looked cool so I figured I'd get the set haha

Cutty...(inside joke)

We also went to Haight Street to do some shopping...

and we just had to stop by Amoeba Music!

Some of you have been curious as to where we got our jackets...

The one Pooh was wearing is a Triple 5 Soul Jacket that we got right before we left for SF. We got it at an awesome store in San Diego called Mesh.

The jacket I was wearing was from H&M. I LOVE THAT STORE!!!

We also got a G-star Raw Jacket.

Isn't Pooh so frikkin adorable?! :)
well, you cant really see what the jacket looks like...but it's a really nice jacket!

I really wanted to get some nice shoes but I couldn't find any that I liked. We went to a whole lot of stores everywhere looking for shoes, but to no avail. ::sigh:: Perhaps I'm just a bit too picky. Pooh Got some nice new shoes though...

We picked up some great gear while we were up in SF! We went everywhere!

Some stores that were memorable were H&M, Bloomingdales at Union Center, Zara, Tourneau, Kid Robot, Urban Outfitters, American Rag, Ben Sherman (although disappointing), True Clothing on Haight St., Safeway (for all the late night alcohol runs), Macy's, Aididas, and the Gift shop in the Crowne Plaza that charged rediculous amounts of money for snacks. C'mon...4 bucks for a single Cup 'O Noodles?! Wtf (o.O)

Anyway, I can't wait to go shopping in the bay again! Unfortunately, I don't have that many pics of us going shopping so that's it for now. Keep your eyes open for Pt. 4 - Nightlife! It's definitely exciting!


Vacation Recap Pt. 2.5 - Fisherman's Wharf, Lombard, and Ghiardelli

Pooh, Tribal, and I went down to Fisherman's Wharf. Our buddy Jeremy is from SF so he had to visit some relatives while we were being tourists. Here's some images from our visit!

We headed to Union Square to take the trolley/cable car from Powell St.

While we were waiting in line we found that Jesus Loves Us... :)

The line for the Cable Car was HUGE!!! We were waiting literally for-ever!

Wuhoo! Finally! I stood on the side of the Cable! ...for a while...
Then I got lazy and sat down. :)

We stopped by the famous Lombard St. on the way to Fisherman's Wharf.

We continued onto Fisherman's Wharf so we can get our grub on!

I absolutely LOVE seafood! It's my favorite kind of food...I'm not sure if I've already mentioned that.

Tribal had the Breadbowl Clam Chowder
I got calamari with clams and chips...I loooved the calamari :)
Pooh got the Breadbowl as well.

After a yummy meal...we walked along the water because I wanted to see the bridge!

I was very paranoid of the seagulls overhead. :(

As we were walking, I was like, "Oooooh what's that?!"
We just had to grab something sweet!
I had a rootbeer float with vanilla ice cream.
Pooh and Tribal split a Chocolate sundae...yum!