Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Vacation Recap Pt. 2.5 - Fisherman's Wharf, Lombard, and Ghiardelli

Pooh, Tribal, and I went down to Fisherman's Wharf. Our buddy Jeremy is from SF so he had to visit some relatives while we were being tourists. Here's some images from our visit!

We headed to Union Square to take the trolley/cable car from Powell St.

While we were waiting in line we found that Jesus Loves Us... :)

The line for the Cable Car was HUGE!!! We were waiting literally for-ever!

Wuhoo! Finally! I stood on the side of the Cable! ...for a while...
Then I got lazy and sat down. :)

We stopped by the famous Lombard St. on the way to Fisherman's Wharf.

We continued onto Fisherman's Wharf so we can get our grub on!

I absolutely LOVE seafood! It's my favorite kind of food...I'm not sure if I've already mentioned that.

Tribal had the Breadbowl Clam Chowder
I got calamari with clams and chips...I loooved the calamari :)
Pooh got the Breadbowl as well.

After a yummy meal...we walked along the water because I wanted to see the bridge!

I was very paranoid of the seagulls overhead. :(

As we were walking, I was like, "Oooooh what's that?!"
We just had to grab something sweet!
I had a rootbeer float with vanilla ice cream.
Pooh and Tribal split a Chocolate sundae...yum!


John Halcyon von Rothschild said...

I love San Francisco. I was just there last May. Can't believe that guy with the Jesus sign is still there. The shopping is fantastic! We went to H&M at least 4x. I miss it.

Jared said...

U seriously have to tell me 'bout ur jackets. Yours and pooh.

Ayan said...

hey thanks for droppin by my site... :)

Anonymous said...

welcome back... very nice pics... wow.... that was an awesome vacation

dcal said...

your posts re: food always makes me hungry! it looks like you guys had a good vacation in san francisco. btw, i think tribal is cute . . . perhaps fun for a little threesome?;-)

erniem said...

looks like you guys had a great time in sanfran. wonderful pictures. if you happen to swing by toronto, i will be happy to show you guys around.


Tan, Brown Eyes and Beautiful-BNM said...

- Hey stud man,..- u got it! this is one of our fav places to stay, shop and eat,..we have only stayed at a few places,..the Parker House and Nikko in down town,..but eating,..the top floor at neimans - the food was great! and thene there is this Thai place that the food is awesome,.its on Powell I think on the right side(facing uphill) across from the betty boop or somethign near the DSW shoes,..and of course if u want to go really grudge there is the nob Hill theatre,..were u can get up and close with your fav porn star--lol and then some --hahahah! but not us!--oh and the oysters there on the peier at the end of market street,..there with all the other shops,..the oyster bar,..yum!- see u around! ciao! (ps if u stay at the parker- choose a top floor private room and be there early for the free wine tating events and the free food in the AM,..the steam room is okay,..) c ya!

sardonicnell said...

hello tiggah! found your site thru mgg. you have one fab blog here, no kidding! it's real interesting and you're so spontaneous.

glad you had a wonderful time in sfo. next time you guys are in town, i'd be glad to show around and maybe hit some outskirts of sfo.

have a great week end!

Eric said...

Great blog! I added you to my blogroll. I'd appreciate it if you'd consider linking back.

Most blogs allow you to enter your blog url in a special field in the comment section. If the blog doesn't have that feature, then you will also need to put my url in the comment.

Anonymous said...


tiggahtigz said...

Pooh and I are just about the same height :) Our friend Tribal is very tall 6 something. But yes, Pooh may be a bit vertically challenged but I still love him! :)