Tuesday, June 26, 2007

MMM Dinner!

Pooh and I had dinner with a good friend of ours tonight. Pooh had a cob salad, our buddy had a simple turkey melt, and I had a veggie burger.

It was "Tap that ass Tuesday" at Mo's...lol...I can't seem to say it without laughing afterwards. A friend of mine called me and asked what we were up to. I said "We're at Tap that ass night having dinner" and started giggling like an idiot afterwards...it's a you have to be there kind of thing. :) It was a yummy meal and man was I stuffed afterwards!


Oh and another thing :)

I forgot to add this to my last post so I thought I'd post it (^_~)

Taken last year on the set of Black Eye'd Peas music video Pump It


Monday, June 25, 2007

OOoh...Monday :)

Many of you have been asking me what exactly Pooh and I do. As much as I'd like to, I prefer not to reveal too much about my personal life - mainly, our day jobs. As strange as it may seem, Pooh and I are both Jacks of all trades and like to do many things! I have already mentioned in previous posts that Pooh is a Graphic Designer and is currently the Director of Advertising and Graphic Design at the company we work at. I would rather not say what I do there because it'd probably give too much away :) Anyway, aside from our day jobs, Pooh and I also do work on the side for extra $$$. Fortunately, these side jobs are jobs that we do because they're jobs that we're very passionate about.

Aside from being a graphic designer, Pooh is also a photographer and does photoshoots on our days off and after work. Most of his clients are dancers, models, and actors in need of headshots and portfolio material.

Aside from my day job, I am an artist. I'm setting up our garage as my studio but haven't gotten it set up since we've been so busy. I hope some day to open my own gallery :)

Pooh and I also dabble in a very...interesting...job that we do on our spare time every now n' then just for fun. I am sure some of you already know what I'm talking about :) Anyway, it's not really that important.

Yes...theres more! Pooh and I also dance! No...not with a pole and in a thong...but professionally! Pooh and I used to be in DDO artist agency and went to auditions like crazy. I don't have many videos of us...but heres one of our accomplishments. Unfortunately, there's no dancing (o.O) Can you spot us?

Here's one of us teaching Funkanometry SF's Company class in San Francisco

Pooh and I used to dance full time and made a living from dancing, teaching, and choreographing. A year ago, the studio we taught at closed for relocation. Pooh and I had to find "real" jobs...er...day jobs until the studio reopened. Ugh! After a year of planning and funding, the new studio is in it's final stages of construction and will be opening at the end of August. Today, Pooh and I visited the studio to see it's progress.

I definitely can't wait to get back into teaching. My only problem is that I'm really enjoying my dayjob at the moment. The people are sooooo great and the $$$ is REALLY good :) Maybe I can do everything? I dunno...I'll guess I'll just have to wait and see!

Anyway, after visiting our studio, we had to do another photoshoot. I really want to post some of the images because they came out really really really good! But I can't unfortunately...but you can take my word for it (^_~)

Pooh and I got ready afterwards...

and went out for some coffee...

and got some pizza!

Well, I hope I answered some of your questions...perhaps some day I'll expatiate on our dancing. For now, a goodnight to all and to all a good night :) MMMM I'm stuffed!


Weekend Recap!

Here's some pics from our weekend!

::Saturday night::

Pooh and I enjoyed a wonderful meal at one of our favorite Thai restaurants, Bai Yook.

It was mmmm mmmm Goood!

I then played a little bit of world craft, for the first time in months, on our new tv...

I know...I'm a nerd! (^_^)

We later had friends over for some drinks!

We also went to Numbers for some saturday night dancing fun! Oh, and more drinks :)


It was a beautiful morning so Pooh and I thought we'd take a walk in our neighborhood. It was quite refreshing!

We then headed to the farmer's market just 2 blocks away from where we live.
I picked up a "Fresh Exotic Ceviche". It was very different and very good!

Pooh had to do 2 photoshoots in the afternoon, so it ate up a big chunk of our day off. I had to assist him with his lighting. It was fun though :)

After Pooh took his clients' headshots, we went to get me some new glasses! I got me some Dolce & Gabana frames :)

eee...too close up...Gah!!!!

Later that night, we went out with some friends and...of course...got drunk :)

It was a pretty crazy weekend! I still have our Monday to blog about so stay tuned :)


Stardust Movie

I was checking my myspace just now and I saw an ad for a new movie called Stardust. It looks pretty awesome! I'm looking forward to seeing it. Check out the trailer below. :) Enjoy!


Saturday, June 23, 2007

So You Think You Can Dance

Some of you might already know that Pooh and I both LOVE to dance. Perhaps I'll get a little more into that in detail in a future post but anyway, we're big fans of the show "So You Think You Can Dance". I've embedded some highlights of the show. There is so much talent in this competition and I have a lot of favorites. I am definitely rooting for all of them!

Lacey and Kameron - (this is by far my most favorite piece of the season thus far...I love it!)

Sabra and Dominic

Jesus and Sara

Jessie and Pasha


Friday, June 22, 2007


Here's some pics from Sunday night. Pooh and I were hanging out with our friends...and my timer wasn't cooperating. :)

Screw it!!! I'll just hold the damn camera :)

Diet Coke gone gay?! ::insert gasps here::

We also went out for drinks on Wednesday

Awww cute kitty!!!

We went to Rich's afterwards to get our groove on :)
He really wanted to get in the picture I guesss...


Monday, June 18, 2007

MTV's Making the Band 4

Making The Band 4
The new season of Making the Band just premiered tonight. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of talent showcased by the first episode. I definitey will be DVR'ing the rest of the season and look forward to seeing the amazing talent...as well as the wonderful drama that only reality TV can offer.

One of my favorites is Dan. His voice is AMAZING!

My other favorite is Willie. He is so...frikkin...sexy!!! =X Oh, and yea...he's a great singer as well (^_~)