Friday, November 30, 2007

Recent Events

Commonwealth Cafe:
Pooh, Tribal, and I went to Commonwealth Cafe in Northpark for dinner a couple nights ago. It is now one of my favorite places to eat! We had their Blue Fries (fries with blue is totally awesome!!!!), Texas Football (chilli and cheese on top of Fritos...also totally awesome!), Sliders, Chilli Burger, Buffalo Wings, and BLT. They're open till midnight so it's a great late night snack and also excellent for when you're drunk and got the munchies. :)

Random Shot:

We dared our friend Tribal to eat two rolled tacos at the same time. Yes, we were drunk.

Holiday Lighting and Cupcakes:

So the three of us thought we'd play Martha Stewart and bake some cupcakes. We made delicious Red Velvet cupcakes from William Sonoma. MMMMM delicious!

haha...of course, the poses are over exaggerated. :)

We also put up some holiday lighting while we were baking :)

The three of us also went to Anthology a couple nights ago. A friend of ours works there and she gave us the grand tour. We had a couple drinks and oogled over the hot bartender :) I definitely can't wait to try their cuisine!


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tigguhh at Play

It's been a while since I've been able to sit down and get some good blogging time in. Just when I'm able to, I forget my phone at work! I have a couple things I wanted to blog about but my images are all stored on my Sony Ericsson K800i. Fortunately, I have some recent images of Tigguhh that I can post!

Tigguhh was in a very playful mood. :) The following link is intended for people 18+ only. Please do not proceed if you are not 18+.

I've uploaded about 40 or so images from this set to my Flickr and can all be viewed here. This link will expire at the end of December. If you'd like to view them afterwards you'll have to add me as a contact on flickr and I will then add you as a contact as well - this will make all my private images available for view.


Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving Tiggah's Life in Random Blog Readers!


Tigz n Pooh


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

PS3 Fun!

Pooh and I were thinking of getting a PS3 for Christmas this year. We randomly decided to get one today instead. :) We figured we might as well buy it now than end up having a hard time getting one during the holiday season madness. We were debating whether or not we should get an Xbox360 or a PS3. Since Pooh's brother has an Xbox360 that we can always just borrow...we went for a PS3 - plus we were leaning more towards the PS3 anyway. The PS3 is is totally awesome! Of course, we LOVE our Wii, but they are definitely completely different systems that are great in their own way. We still have much to explore on our new console but I'll definitely post more about it later.

We got the 80Gig Playstation 3 that came with Motor Storm. We didn't know what game we were going to get first. We originally wanted to get Assassin's Creed, but we read a lot of great reviews on Uncharted and decided to try it out. We also picked up some HD component cables while we were out. We didn't know our tv had an HDMI input so we'll have to pick one up sometime this week.

One cool thing about the PS3 is Remote Play with the PSP. I haven't been using my PSP much, but being able to view PS3 media via internet (like t-mobile hotspots, etc.) is pretty cool.

We'll eventually get the Xbox360 later, but we're very happy with the PS3. :) This reminds me, we have a whole bunch of new games for the Wii that I haven't blogged about! Keep your eyes open for my next posts on our Wii games!


Friday, November 16, 2007

More Celebrating!!!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have some very very good news! I was waiting for it to be finalized before I announced it. Today, it was official!

I got a promotion!!! Wuhoo!

Not just a promotion, but the promotion! It's a commission based position but is (potentially) the highest paying position in the company, and I'm very excited to get to workin. :) I worked very hard to get where I am and it feels great. For have only being with the company for a year, I moved up very quickly. I started in an entry level position, then moved up to a better department...and from there moved up again! I am extremely hard working, persistent, and OCD...I guess those traits help a lot. Unfortunately, in order to keep a bit of my own privacy (despite how much I already "exxxpose" in my blog) I cannot say exactly what I do. If I gave a hint then it'd really give it away. I honestly would not want any of my blog readers going to my workplace and risk co-workers finding out about my dual-life. However, I do believe that what I do in my personal life is really no ones' business, but I'd prefer to keep them separate. Plus...I like having an alter ego :)

Anyway, let's just say I work for a very wealthy company.

Tonight, Pooh and I went out to celebrate by having a nice dinner at one of my favorite places to eat, KITIMA. Thai food is my favorite!

Ugh, btw, I need haircut!

It was delicious! I loved every bite :)

Pooh and I have work early tomorrow morning so we decided to stay in and play Super Mario Galaxy on our Wii. We just got it yesterday :) We'll be celebrating with our friends tomorrow...because it wouldn't really be celebrating if we weren't chuggin down the alcohol! :) j/k


Thursday, November 15, 2007

Who Woulda Thought...

that laundry could be so sexy? :)


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

80's Party!

The company Pooh and I work for had a special event for all of us that work there. We had an 80's Party!!! We were all dressed up in 80's gear. We were rock'n out with our cocks out! well, not really with our cocks out but definitely rockin out! :) Everyone was really creative with their outfits. There were 80's punk rockers, 80's hip-hopsters, 80's madonna people, 80's Jem girls, and well...some really bad outfits...but we all had fun! The venue was a surprise, we just knew that it was 80's themed and that we had to dress the part. Our company packed us all in Limos and we headed to our destination. They rented out Lot 81 for dinner...and for some crazy 80's dancing! Here's some images of our totally rad and awesome super 80's party!



Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Little Tigguhh!

I found my backup files from my old laptop and found a HUGE collection of pics from when I was younger. I was quite the little exhibitionist back then!

Here's an image from when I was in Highschool. Geez! That TV's ancient! And OMG...a VCR!

I must of been around 18? I don't know. Anyway, I guess now I have some more content to blog since I haven't had much time to take any new pics. (Which by the way I have some exciting news that I'll reveal soon! It is partly why I haven't had much time to blog and why Tigguhh hasn't made an appearance in a while. It's good news so don't worry!)

Here's a couple of me back then. I forget how old I was. I was a little thug back then I guess...or at least I was trying to be. haha.

I think my alter ego back then was much more uninhibited than it is now, but I think I'll save "those" images for another time. I hope you enjoyed this random trip back in time!


Random Moment - Fondue Night!

After a night of bar hopping - a shot at Flicks, a shot at 1st on Fifth, a shot at San Diego Sports Bar, a shot at Alibi - Pooh, Tribal, and I thought it'd be a great (yet extremely random) idea to Fondue.  LOL.  So we got strawberries, bananas, and Oreos to dip in our delicious Chocolate Fondue.  It was simply scrumptulescent! 

We snapped this picture.  It reminded us of some lame holiday greeting card. 

It was funny, at 1st On Fifth we were like..."OK, let's just take one more shot before we go get stuff to Fondue"...That night was extremely random.  :) I guess it's a you-had-to-be-there type moment.

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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Anniversary Celebration!

Our 6 year anniversary was on Wednesday/Halloween. It was beautiful! The night before, Pooh actually surprised me with a pre-anniversary celebration! He took me to Extraordinary Desserts for some delicious Truffle Frambois cake and a couple glasses of wine. Their wine is incredible!!!

The night of our Anniversary, Pooh took me to George's
We started with a scrumptious calamari appetizer.
I had their was delicious!

Pooh had their Asian Skirts on Fire dish...I tasted it and just melted!!!

Pooh made reservations and requested a window seat with a nice was sooooo romantic! I was smiling ear to ear :)

I love my Pooh! What did I give Pooh? lol, well he got something that night...and well...let's just say I love pleasing Pooh too! :)