Saturday, March 31, 2007

Tigguhh's Back!

It's been a while since my alter ego, Tigguhh, has made an appearance. He thought he'd stop by and say hi :)


Friday, March 30, 2007 talented!

Pooh and I were watching videos on our Wii...and we stumbled upon someone that I just had to blog about immediately. This man is very very talented and I couldn't believe what I was hearing. His voice is amazing! I wish him the best!


Whats for Dinner? - Salmon!

I loooooove Salmon. It's my favorite :) Pooh didn't have to go to work today and had already eaten by the time I got home so he cooked me dinner. He's so very sweet!!! Stuffed Salmon and white wine...delicious!


Whats for Dinner? :)

Hmmm...I was having trouble signing into blogger all night last night so I wasn't able to blog until now...Did anyone have trouble viewing my blog yesterday? If so let me know...

Anyway, last night Pooh and I decided to have dinner at home. We stopped by Trader Joe's to pick a little something something to make, and of course, something to drink. What did we get? Vegetarian Chili!!! They were making samples of Vegetarian Chili along with some toasted Jalapeno Cheese all smelled sooo good that I just had to try it! I'm not really into chili but it sold me...AND it was Vegetarian, so it got some plus points! MMMM MMMM good! We grabbed a couple cans and a bottle of cheap $3.99 Trader Joe's brand wine (it's no Petrus Pomerol but it's pretty good actually...).

Anyway, Pooh and I had a yummy dinner. It was a really nice meal...cozy, relaxing...and we had a wonderful evening playing God of War II. Nothing sets the mood better than blood, gore, and violent video games :)


Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Snacks & Work

Everyday at work, Pooh and I usually leave the building for our last break. We often visit a Gelato & Coffee shop down the street but it was very very cold and windy we just headed to a gas station near by and grabbed some snacks. I've recenty discovered an amazing drink by Godiva! I love it!!! It's me being random again...but I really wanted to blog this delicious beverage :) Oh and yea, I get something sweet to much on as was Twizzlers.


MMM Dinner!

Pooh and I went to a Korean restaurant called Tofu House after work for dinner. Pooh had Boiled Gyoza and Tofu (extra spicy)...I had the Chef's Special + Kimchi (boiled tofu with shrimp, clams, oysters, scallops, mushrooms, and a whole bunch of stuff) It was a yummy dinner...although, since I've decided to give up eating red meat...I will definitely miss having bulgogi (korean bbq)!

Read More...'s doing it again

Piff! It's doing it again! Comment's were on "don't show and don't allow" again...strange! I just fixed it on my previous post but I could of sworn comments were enabled after I had posted it...somethings fishy!!! I don't know what...but I'll get to the bottom of this (>.<) Anyway, if you had wanted to comment but weren't able to...then comment away!


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Random Images - Test Shoot

Pooh took some test shot of me this weekend. I really like how they turned out...although I look silly in most of them :)


Weekend Recap! Sunday :) Pt. 2

Pooh and I went to some street fair in La Mesa with a friend of ours. It was kind of whack =\ We grabbed something to eat and left with a quickness!

We decided to go to Bamboo Lounge in Hillcrest. Once Bamboo Exotic Teas and Imports, now remodeled and redesigned as Bamboo Lounge - hip, chill, relaxing, spacious, cozy, beautiful wine bar (they also have beer...but yknow...I'm not into beer much). The wine selection is great! They also have great daily specials and their sangrias are simply scrumptulescent! I've tried a couple of different glasses of wine from previous visits and I really liked all of them! My favorite is their "Project 4" in their Exotic Reds section. Pooh had his camera so he took a bunch of shots...the manager said to send some to his email address. :)

After we had a couple glasses of wine at Bamboo Lounge, we went off to go...of course...drink some more and play some pool at a bar in La Mesa called Pete's Place. :) Definitely a fun night!


Phone Search

My search for a new phone continues...

I've been having to use an old Sony Ericsson T610 phone while I search for a new phone to replace my broken P910. My temporary phone has been causing me a lot of problems lately and I'm starting to lose my patience. (>.<)

I've recently brought my P910i to a local phone store that deals in international phones to get it repaired. Hopefully they will be able to fix it.

I've been narrowing my choices down to the following:




IPAQ rx6815

The only issues I'm having are:
K800 - does not have wifi and does not support Edge (Tmobile currently only uses Edge and not 3G). It's not a smartphone also.
N80 - I don't see any con's other than the camera isn't as great as k800's. It also is pretty huge...but size has never been a big problem to me since the P910i is ginormous!
N93i - it is bigger than my's frikkin huge. The cost is about $650-$750...which is close to what I payed for my P910...but...I'm not sure if I'd like to spend that much. Although the thought of being able to video blog is a nice thought...
IPAQ rx6815 - I can't find it anywhere (>.<)

Anyway, Pooh's been telling me to make a decision already so we can put our phone plans together afterwards. I'm just so very indecisive when it comes to things like this...well...I'm indecisive period. Hmmm...what to do...what to do...

Well my birthday is coming soon so maybe I'll wait :)


Monday, March 26, 2007

hmmm....missing comments (O.o)

Pooh brought it to my attention that some of my posts have missing comments and also some posts are set not to show/allow comments (o.O) I'll look into it and try to rectify the situation =P


Weekend Recap! Sunday :)

I guess...I'll post this after dinner!

The recap after dinner!

Pooh and I got sidetracked....I'll try to post it soon :) Update: I finally posted it!


Weekend Recap! - Monday :)

Well, since my days off are Sunday and Monday...Monday is technically my Sunday, and therefore part of my weekend. It makes sense...really...

Anyway, I've procrastinated and finally got my taxes done this morning. Ugh...I'm just happy that I don't owe anything :)

After a nice hour and a half at my tax guy's office...Pooh and I hurried to an informal business meeting with 2 of our colleagues. We've been working on a project for a year now and things are looking great! I'd expatiate but I'd rather wait until things are near the final stages and everything is for sure. With that said, Pooh and I are so very excited!

Pooh and I decided treat ourselves to some sushi for lunch! It was delicious, as always :)


Weekend Recap! - Saturday Night

After work, Pooh and I headed over to the LaFayette for some drinks with some co-workers.

The La Fayette has a pretty chill bar called "L" and an intimate indoor lounge area. There is a private outside patio with cozy fire pits, as well as a beautiful outside terrace overlooking the swimming pool. The drinks were very good and the selection of top shelf liquor is more than adequate. I didn't get a chance to try their wine but I noticed that they had a pretty nice selection - I'll definitely try some next time we go there. It is definitely a diamond in the rough that is worth checking out!

I said I was just going to have 1 drink....pshhh yea right! :P The Greygoose bottle was calling for me!

The following Images are from the hotel's website:


Random Thoughts - St. Patrick's Day!

I just recently uploaded pics from the past 2 weeks onto my laptop. I have a whole bunch of pics that I wish I blogged about! Anyway, here's a random image of us on St. Patrick's day. :)


Weekend Fun!

wow! What a crazy weekend...I'll post about it soon! :)
I'm working on it :)


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Ninja Warrior!

I'm a fan of Ninja Warrior, which can be seen on G4 and SpikeTV. It's a pretty crazy Japanese Game show where hundreds of competitors attempt to complete a giant and outrageous obstacle course. What I love is that the competitors range from men and women from all walks of life - olympic athletes, bus drivers, gas station managers, postpost office workers, firefighters, actors, models, etc. There's a lot of nice eye candy as well :) My favorite is the fisherman Makoto Nagano - One of the only men to complete all stages of the Japanese Game show (from what I know there is only one other that did so before him...and I'm not sure if anyone else has completed it...but don't quote me because I could be wrong =P). He's been a long time competitor and I've seen him in several episodes. He's very humble and is always smiling. I was very very very happy and excited for him when he completed the last challenge. Omedetoo!


Monday, March 19, 2007

MMMM Lunch!

I was looking through my "Edit Post" section and noticed that I didn't post a post that I intended to last it is :)

Monday, March 12, 2007

Pooh and I went to Urban Mo's Bar & Grill for a late lunch and some drinks today. It was very Yummy!

Pooh had a Cobb Salad :)

I had a Veggie Burger w/ Grilled Mushrooms, Garlic Mayo, Lettuce, and Tomatoes

$3 well drinks were an added bonus :) mmmm Cranberry Vodka...yum! Yea...I know...we drink a lot :P