Friday, June 22, 2007


Here's some pics from Sunday night. Pooh and I were hanging out with our friends...and my timer wasn't cooperating. :)

Screw it!!! I'll just hold the damn camera :)

Diet Coke gone gay?! ::insert gasps here::

We also went out for drinks on Wednesday

Awww cute kitty!!!

We went to Rich's afterwards to get our groove on :)
He really wanted to get in the picture I guesss...


Anonymous said...

Htsura naman nung tomboy! Nakanguso!

Anonymous said...

Hitsura naman ni Jo!!!!

Anonymous said...

Question, who is that guy wearing a blue shirt and a gray jacket? The one hovering over Pooh?

Anonymous said...

party pips! happy together :)

Moody said...

What pretty little pussies!

Oh, and I want that COKE. I hear it's actually GOOD FOR YOU(?)

Anonymous said...

Did you and Pooh color your hair the same? You seem to have the same shade of red or auburn. Just my gay observation LOL.

Onidz said...

Hey tigz, where are the hotspots for dancing and whatnot... wanna check out the scene once i get legal! haha.


glenn said...

you look cute in those pics... you also look different. you look better... cheers to you tiggah!!!