Saturday, June 09, 2007

Wednesday Night Fun :)

Pooh and I went out with some friends on wednesday night. We had a blast!

lol mexican food at 2am...drunk and sleepy...and at 9am the next day.

but we're still having a blast!

ahh...good times :)


Clark Can't said...

Last pic: cute guy. nice smile and his adam's apple is sexy...hehe *blus*

your other friend, i forgot her name is funny in that pose, as always. and Pooh, is just being plain ol' cute Pooh. =)

P.S. I want to feature you in my blog some time. I wanna send you some questions in the email. Let me know if you are interested, Carl. TC.

Anonymous said...

You guys are so cute! You have all the fun. Your lesbian friend(rosie o' donnel look alike) should try some new poses. hehehe. Great pics!

Taz_kid said...

Wow! wish I could party like you guys.

I only realized it now, your friend does look like rosie. amazing!

Ernesto said...

tough schedule huh

Anonymous said...

nice blog. i envy you and pooh. how i wish ruff ruff and i are like you. more love! peace out!