Friday, March 30, 2007

Whats for Dinner? :)

Hmmm...I was having trouble signing into blogger all night last night so I wasn't able to blog until now...Did anyone have trouble viewing my blog yesterday? If so let me know...

Anyway, last night Pooh and I decided to have dinner at home. We stopped by Trader Joe's to pick a little something something to make, and of course, something to drink. What did we get? Vegetarian Chili!!! They were making samples of Vegetarian Chili along with some toasted Jalapeno Cheese all smelled sooo good that I just had to try it! I'm not really into chili but it sold me...AND it was Vegetarian, so it got some plus points! MMMM MMMM good! We grabbed a couple cans and a bottle of cheap $3.99 Trader Joe's brand wine (it's no Petrus Pomerol but it's pretty good actually...).

Anyway, Pooh and I had a yummy dinner. It was a really nice meal...cozy, relaxing...and we had a wonderful evening playing God of War II. Nothing sets the mood better than blood, gore, and violent video games :)


charlee said...

sup tiggah... just stoppin by to show some love to you guys... that's really sweet of pooh to cook you dinner;) take care guys. ~charlee

Riki The Dark said...

I'm currently playing Radiata Stories and Bully but I think I'm gonna buy this game later, too. PS2 should pay you for your advertising services, hahaha! Have a great week, Tiggah and Pooh ( and Tigguh, too )!