Sunday, March 11, 2007

A Walk In The Park

Pooh and I had a great time today! We went out for a walk at Balboa Park and it was quite refreshing :)

Don't Pooh's new glasses make him so frikkin cute!?

We saw fish!

We saw trees....

We saw ducks!!!

Lots of ducks!!!


chino said...

aren't thick-framed glasses aka nerd glasses just the cutest?

chickens are cuter than ducks though. coz they're fatter.. lol.. was a good day to take a stroll.. not as freezing as it was last week.. :P

AJ said...

Pooh's nerdy glasses make him oh-s-hot! :)

oh and yeah, i love the last duck picture!

weirdo2020 said...

nice pics! mr. tiggah is more than an amateur photographer not to mention a hottie : ) here's for a longer rel'p for you both enjoy

Riki The Dark said...

Wow, Balboa park is pretty! It reminds me of UP Diliman's Sunken Garden, very scenic and relaxing ( and a good place to take your lover for some time alone, ☻ ). Yup, the glasses make Pooh hotter, but he's already hottie even without it. The ducks there are cute and colorful, but they are even more abundant in the Philippine provinces ( and they crap everywhere, LOL! ). Mabuhay/Cheers to you and Pooh, Tigz!

Anonymous said...

maganda ang kilay ni pooh ah! promise! inaayusan ba niya?