Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Day at the Park!

Hmm, as you can see, I'm having a bit of difficulty with Picasa and my Flock browser in embedding my images the way I want them. Anyway, I haven't been posting much and so I'd like to get this one up despite it being unaligned with my blog's borders.

Pooh and I spent our Sunday at Balboa Park with our pup Gizmo. It was Gizmo's first time playing in the grass and he loved it! He still has a couple more shots to go before he's fully vaccinated so we didn't want to take him to the dog park in Balboa. He still got to enjoy himself and roll around in the grass with Pooh and I. He was even more excited when our friend Manny met up with us with his two Yorkshire Terriers. It was an awesome doggy play day for the pups.

Manny has an adorable 6 month old Female Yorkshire Terrier named Madison...

and a unbelievably cute lil' 4 month old Male Yorkshire Terrier named Maddix.

Gizmo had a great time and eventually tired himself out. We managed to get a lot of adorable pics though!

Pooh and I have been going pretty trigger happy with our camera but we want to capture every moment of Gizmo's puppy days! If you'd like to view all of Gizmo's puppy pics (will be updated constantly), you can check them out below.



Von Adrian said...

awe.. that day looked sooo fun and cute.. hmmm.. you two are cute and soooo are the dogs... the only picture not posted was Manny... :D

Anonymous said...

Awsom photos ,keep them comming, 2 great looking guys and cute puppy

Freddy said...

Wow, the pics were so vivid and amazing!!

What kind of camera did you use?
How many megapixels?

Anonymous said...

soo adorable, tig!
amazing & pooh look so happy & cute, and you gotta love the great weather we've been enjoying in socal...
take care~looking forward to your new site.


call.the.shots said...

damn, those lil puppies are so cute.

Chris said...

Wow there is a whole lot of cuteness going on there, between the puppy and the two of you.

Just discovered you guys and I'm glad I did,I'll keep checking back.

michael abelard said...

as always, you guys are so so adorable! tigz+pooh+gizmo= just PERFECT!


Anonymous said...

I envy you guys! The pics are so cute! Gizmo is so cute with that scarf... and you two kissing was so sweet. :-)

j3d said...

gizmo is so cute...and you weren't kidding when you said you got trigger happy....

Dee said...

Can you post some dog friendly spots in San Diego. Been meaning to take a quick getaway with our dogs but its hard to find places that caters to dogs too.

So far the W is the only place that I know off that allows dogs.

Anonymous said...

hi tiggah, what camera did you use to take those amazing shots?

Baby Ron

Ed said...

hi tiggah...very nice pics..

love your new hairstyle...take care

Anonymous said...


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realscore said...

just love the pics...really adorable!
good job buddy!

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ron said...

omg! how cute the doggies are! so lovable...

Anonymous said...

an adorable couple and an adorable pup... :-)

am glad you're enjoying parenthood. wait til he got older. :-p


Anonymous said...

my fave pics... is the one you two are very sweet^_^ I hope u post more pics like that...

and Im waiting for the continuation of ur story^_^

tiggahtigz said...

thanks for the comments guys :) for those of you that were asking...the camera is a Nokia D80

dcampos said...

aww ohsoocutte the doggies :)

Matthew Andrew said...

second vote: HAIR!