Thursday, March 12, 2009


It looks like I have my new site up and running. I've finally found a theme/template that I like. I have the blog part of it working with no problems so far. I've still got a lot to do and add. Eventually, my site will have more pages and extras available. Please keep in mind that it's still under construction so some links to additional areas of my site (ie. Photo Galleries, Downloads, RSS feeds, etc.) are currently not working.

My blog on Blogger will no longer be available within the next few days. It will redirect you to my new site. Hopefully you will all remember to visit me at!


Anonymous said...

oooh, i like the new look and layout! im working on a new one, too. great job!!!

Anonymous said...

hey tiggz! cool new site. one thing though the font is way too small but everything else looks fantastic...

Baby Ron