Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Random Photos - Manny's Bday

I was backing up my photos and storing them all in my external hardrive when I ran across some photos from Manny's birthday. I didn't upload them to flock and for some reason didn't blog them either. It was at the time when my BBF (Best Bud Forever) Jeremy came down to visit. I didn't get around to posting many pics of that weekend because we took SOOOO MANY pictures (which btw, I just uploaded them to my flock and it's over 180!).

What better way to celebrate our bud's birthday than by having over a small group of friends, MD 20/20's, and randomly coming across lesbian porn on Showtime.



monkey! said...

wuttah night...for sure u guys had a blast, as always! -xoxo for tiggah& pooh

Anonymous said...

tigguh, your head's gone all red in the third pic xD haha^^

but you look great in the other ones here, tho.

GLENN said...

Incidentally Manny is handsome. I find him very appealing and uber sexy.