Friday, October 17, 2008

Beach Day!

Pooh and I went to Blacks Beach on Monday with my BBF Jeremy. No...we didn't get Although it is a "clothing optional" beach, Pooh and I prefer to keep our shorts on. I love that it's never crowded, the waves are awesome, and it's extremely beautiful. The hike down is pretty fun too!

It's a loooooooong way down!

I love a nice relaxing day at the beach!


Ambo said...

Hi tol tigger,
I have sent an email to you.. Hope you'll be able to spare some time for it.

Thank you very much!!!

Play Safe
Stay Safe
Be safe


tripper said...

I miss the Rainbow Family full moon drum circles!!!

But I've never been to Black's in the daytime, it looks pretty. And I'm sure its quiet, too!

Anonymous said...

hi tiggah why not come to the Philippines white beach are sooooo freakin great! tell me when and i'll see u around!--kevin

randy said...

hi tiggah, nice pictures! but i find the guy in black t-shirt cute, is he still available? hehehehe!

can you post the answer here tiggah, thanks!

im an avid reader of your interesting blog!