Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sick Days :(

I caught a cold over the weekend. I ended up getting Pooh sick too. We had to call out yesterday for work because we felt so shitty. I went to work today but they sent me home because I might get everyone sick. Bleh. Good thing I had a sick day to cover yesterday. Unfortunately, I don't have anymore sick days for today...and Pooh doesn't have anymore sick days to cover yesterday or today. Bleh.


Anonymous said...

a month ago, everyone in Texas was sick with a very infectious kind of flu, that gave us sinus problems and a cough.. maybe it's hit California now.

boom said...

It came to the UK too. I've been ill for over a month, still have a bad chest *cough cough*.

I'm looking for sympathy here ;)

tiggahtigz said...

I hope I don't have what has been spreading over there in Texas...but I'm finally starting to feel better so I'm sure that's not the case. I hope you feel better soon Boom :)