Sunday, February 11, 2007

Satisfaction Guaranteed #4

Class Comics has released the 4th issue of their comic "Satisfaction Guaranteed". As some of you may know, from a previous post, I mentioned that I am a fan of comic/erotic art. Class Comics is definitely one of my favorites. The guy in the middle looks mighty fine btw... :)


kimoochii21 said...

Do you think you could accomodate the guy in the middle? I'd like to see you try.

Kimoochii21 said...

I had a casual boyfriend, Paul Skates, for years, who looked like the guy in the middle- the face, goattee, abs. -not the cock. He went into hospital in 2007, and passed away under the anesthesia -allergies? I cried & cried. His mother buried him still wearing the jewelery I'd given him. That, at least, pleased me. Paul was hot, and smelled so sweet.

Kimoochii21 said...

Actually, the cock does look like Paul's -just not the size.