Monday, September 01, 2008

Beach Day

It was a beautiful day to splash around at the beach! Pooh and I spent the day enjoying the sun, riding the waves, and walking the boardwalk at Mission Beach. Unfortunately, Pooh and I didn't take any pictures since I left my phone in the car. It was pretty crowded since today was a holiday. Pooh and I are normally off on Sundays and Mondays, so it was just a normal weekend for us.

Random Thought:

I've recently got hooked on a cute little myspace app called Super Pets.

For those of you on myspace, give my pet a hug so I can buy it some gear! I earn money for my little guy whenever someone gives it a hug.


yue said...

SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!

ethan[ol] said...

Heheh. I'm glad you're up and running! :-D And ur pet looks cute! What's it's name? :-D

Anonymous said...

What's your myspace?

Anonymous said...

Your super pet is soooo ADORABLE! and the pet also knows how to spell. hahaha! :)

Damian said...

When are you gonna make more XXX pictures with Pooh ;0)

Shame you didn't take any photos bet they would have come out spunking (no pun intended)

Tommy said...

Love your pet. I really enjoyed your video of your dance class on your myspace. My boyfriend loves "so you think you can dance" and would love to do something like your class. We don't have anything like that in Jacksonville, FL. We are moving to Phoenix, AZ by the end of the month so maybe there. Love your blog.