Monday, August 04, 2008

Weekend Recap

Saturday: Pooh and I went with our friends Gian and David to Universal. David is such a sweetie! He brought over a huge 1.75L bottle of my favorite vodka (Greygoose). Yummy!

Sunday: Pooh and I had brunch at Burger Lounge. Pooh had a Turkey Burger. Tribal and I had a Lounge Beef Burger. I haven't had it for a while so I was pretty excited. YUMMY!

A lady walking her dog asked if we could watch her dog while she ran in the store next door to Burger Lounge. Pooh loves dogs so there was no hesitation. This adorable black lab named JJ was rescued by the Humane Society not too long ago. His owner adopted him about 6 weeks ago.

Sunday night: Time to finish that huge bottle David brought over!

I haven't had a Slurpee in years! Mmmm Pina favorite! Random.

David...wake up...were going to Rich's now!

Monday: Well, our weekend isn't over yet. Pooh and I are going to head to LA today to do some shopping. :)

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