Friday, August 01, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance

I haven't been able to blog about this season yet but I wanted to do a post before the season ended.

My favorites are Katee, Courtney, and Mark. I would be happy if either of them won...but I'm really rootin' for Katee. I think she's extremely talented and has been performing consistently and passionately throughout the show. I really liked Gav but unfortunately he got voted off. He was such a cutie though!

Here is a recent performance by Katee and Josh:

This next clip is of Courtney and Mark...I loved it!

The following 2 are clips of Katee & Josh, and Katee & Twitch: choreographed by Mia Michaels. (I love Mia's choreography. I'd love to dance one of her pieces!)

GO KATEE!!! Isn't she awesome?!

On a random note...I thought I'd throw this last clip in. For some reason I kind of think Mark is hot. He's like a cute Hawaiian awkward quirky Johnny Depp.


Matthew Andrew Aguirre Nagtalon said...

i like.

ArchieMD said...

I am also a BIG Mark Kanemura fan - just because I have the hots for sexy Japanese men. Although he is just sooo effeminate. I wished Mark would win the competition, but sadly he got eliminated this week. Im now rooting for Katee and Joshua.

Hazen said...

I really like the show, but I simply would not be able to vote off dancers. So many of them are so good.

Anonymous said...

katee is the best. i also hope she can win, she is so gifted.

j3d said...

love mark kanemura, too.