Monday, May 19, 2008

Weekend Recap :)


Breakfast at Whole Foods.

Enjoyed Festival of Arts in Northpark.

We went to the beach afterwards...but we were having so much fun that I forgot to take any pictures.

After dinner, we had friends over for drinks. We finished a huge bottle of cheap Vodka between the 6 of us :)

We were going to meet some friends at Bourbon but when we stepped inside we discovered that it was Lesbian Night! In we went...then out we went shortly after. :) We decided to get our groove on over at Rich's.


Beach Day!


mygreenboi said...

hi tigguh!

i can't seem to find a spot in your site where i can leave this message. so, i'll just use this comment section. i think your site is so nice i tagged you. i hope you can drop by my site. here's the link:

thanks. and keep it up. lurve those photos!

Hazen said...


As I tell my dog when he tries to eat green grass or a discarded piece of pizza box, "that is not a food. Don't put it in your mouth."

Breakfast is pancakes, bacon, french toast, cereal, toast & peanut butter etc.

Anyway, the beach day photos are good. You are guys are "muy guapo"

tiggahtigz said...

lol well pooh and I usually have breakfast around 11 or we usually have lunch type food for breakfast heh.

Anonymous said...

the beach

the beach

the beach~!!!

love the pics~!