Monday, October 15, 2007

Hooray for Paint!

I haven't painted in a long time. I haven't had any time to tidy up our garage and turn it into my painting studio. I really need to put an end to my procrastination. I felt like painting yesterday so I thought I'd mess around for half an hour while we waited for our friend Tribal to get out of work and come over for dinner - we had Church's Chicken...omg soooo bad but yet soooo good!

I'm a bit rusty but it was fun :)

Untitled - Oil on Canvas (30 min, incomplete)


Anonymous said...

And you say that you're painting skills are a bit rusty? The painting looks great already!

Anonymous said...

oh wow! nice torso, and nice oil paint! a self portrait! :)

l@ said...

i like it! at wht price can i buy it?

Anonymous said...

-U know,..this is actually quite good. I am serious. A series of your work with this sort of look and brush stroke would be a fine showing in any gallery- Melrose to Laguna Beach- You should seriously take some time to get your work displayed. It is really quite wonderful,..I actually exclaimed a loud WOW- when I saw it. Great job,..really it is,..beautiful.
Ken in South OC ;)

Male Beauty said...

This is an awesome painting!! I like it a lot! How much would you sell it for?