Tuesday, April 24, 2007

At the Beach

Pooh and I went to the beach this past sunday. I love cloudy days :) There's something about the lugubriousness of a cloudy day that calms and relaxes me. It was pretty cold n windy...I shoulda brought a thicker jacket...brrrrRrRrr.

The full set can be located on my Flickr Page here.


carmigz said...

I love your jacket! :D

Is that the Pacific? I always love looking at the Pacific whenever I'm in CA or HI (not here in Manila, the Pacific's kinda far from here. lol) coz I know thousands of miles away is my homeland. lol.

Yeah, it's cheesy. lol. Have you been to the PI tiggah? I mean, after going to the States?

Just wondering. :D

Anonymous said...

i had to look up the word lugubriousness. LOL

tonu said...

Pooh is very good, You look fantastic in these photo's.