Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Blog Logo

I'm working on a logo for my blog. This is a prototype I threw together real quick. I just wanted to see how it'd look on my blog. ^_^


Moody said...

It's pretty! I like it... But what if a kid sees it? Ah!

Domanique said...

I first saw you on dudesnude and said hello. You answered back and that made my day...Its awesome to see you now all grown up and enjoying your life. I can tell by the blog i read every single post since the beginning today. I am also saying hello to pooh because he is an important part of your life and you too see very happy. I wish you the best now and in the future. My name is Dom but they call me Heero gamer (city of heroes)...because of you i am going to pick up world of :)..keep in touch and amazing photos thanks for sharing them with me..and all readers.

Domanique said...

what program on your mac do you use to create your logos i want to get more into visual arts and photo manipulation ....any suggestions. thank you Heero from new jersey