Sunday, December 17, 2006

Asian Couples

All I can say is...That's hot.


Hazen said...


Now I understand the ego, alter ego stuff. You really are totally shy. But so photogenic. Hey, can I link you to my blog?


tiggahtigz said...

thanks a lot ^_^...i've added you to my links list, add me up if you can too, thanks!

whatifikissyou said...

err... i wanna add you in my link list as well. puhleaze... lol... ok, i know thats one creepy "please" but i thought it would work. lol. lemme knoe if it did. =P actually, fuck im so stupid, i can link ya even if you dunno, but im lettin ya so you could return tha flavor, i mean favor. i knoe im a dork, you dun hafta say it. aight? just keep luvin pooh for me. hahahahahahaha! ok, i love you too. happy? =P

Anonymous said...

OMG...The secong pic is so damn freakin hot! I think I should take a long, long, long shower now. Thanks Tiggah!


Kimoochii21 said...

All four of these guys are great, but that pose with the legs in the air makes my heart skip. Umm-um. Could I do some good work on that pose, with any of these beauties.