Monday, October 30, 2006


Tonight Monday 9/8c : Episode 6

I have been really into the new NBC series Heroes. It is definitely a must see! Every episode I find myself amazed, excited, and surprised. Each episode is jam packed with drama, twists, suspense, and of course, amazing comicbook powers we all dreamed about as little children. If you haven't been able to watch any of the series or missed a couple episodes, all of them can be viewed at NBC's website.

Last week's preview for this week's episode shows us we'll be seeing the beautiful Niki in action! Her powers were clouded in mystery in the past episodes, slowly revealing to us a Dr. Jeckyll & Mrs. Hyde duo/split personality. This week looks like we'll be able to see what she can really do! I can't wait! I'll be posting an update after it airs tonight.

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rubixcubeman said...

Mission 8: Unexpected Endings: Seek those who have met unexpected endings.( Based on the last episode 6)
Where the sixth sense or ESP fails, we find ourselves meeting unexpected endings. Deaths, trials and mishaps. So we see in the show that D.L. Hawkins has met a somewhat regular and believable fate even for a super or anti-hero. That someone so close should betray is not all that uncommon. Even worse, the idea is not uncommon at all. We see thatcheating can lead to unexpected consequence at least in the comic tv realm. For Hiro, it must be difficult to come to terms with that despite his power to stop time; he is not immune to unexpected endings. There's always a wrench in the puzzle, something that holds us back; something that blinds us... More on the blog..